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Top fighter-a
Top Fighter is an in-depth action packed film; with the superstars of martial combat. For the first time, the best of the best, clashes in an arena where he can show his artistry. Using spectacular action footage and exclusive interviews, Top Fighter exposes the secrets of Bruce Lee's, jeet kune do. Jackie Chan explains the rigors of his daily training and Jet Li demonstrates the WuShu skills that made him national champion and international superstar. Top Fighter, also features Van Damme, Sammo Hung and Kill Bill's, Gordon Liu, Karate Champion turned action star, Ron Van Clief, Jim Kelly, and many, many more.

Director : Toby Russell
Written & Produced : George Tan
Associate Producer: Roy Mcaree
Featuring :Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Samo hung, Gordon Liu, Jim Kelly

Running Time : 90 minutes
Release : 1995



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