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Anna Bell is a successful, wealthy but burnt out rock singer. After breaking up with her boyfriend Craig Cane, she retreats to the country property that she’s owned for several years, but never had time to visit. She wants to relax and write some new songs, but Mike, her manager, tries to influence her to go back to London. Feeding her pills and alcohol, he pushes her to keep in the spotlight and keep her career moving.

Just after she arrives in the village, a local girl is strangled and the police are hunting for the murderer. Lonely and insecure, Anna starts an affair with Mathew, a young tradesman she employs to do various handyman work around the house. After initial uncertainty, Anna is attracted to him and keeps finding jobs to prolong his visits. Mathew takes her to the beach to see the local scenery – they kiss and make love.

Mike sends Guy (a choreographer) and Fiona (Anna’s sister) to keep an eye on Anna under the pretense that they will keep her company. They bring a new supply of pills from Mike, designed to keep her under his control.

Mathew is infatuated with Anna and he is jealous of these ‘intruders’ – he wants to protect Anna. When Anna passes out at their dinner party, Mathew puts her to bed. He then stabs Guy and disposes of his body.

Fiona becomes suspicious when she is told Guy has made a sudden departure; especially after she discovers his blood stained clothing. She and Anna flee the house. At the police station they are shown an identikit photo of the suspect in the local girl’s murder – it is Mathew. Anna is distraught and near hysterical when Mike arrives and tells her that Mathew has been apprehended and cannot harm her.

He arranges for Anna to perform at a nearby venue fearing she will lose her nerve. Fiona knows Mike is lying but goes along with things – she and Mike do not want their ‘money making machine’ to stop work.

Mathew makes an attempt on Craig’s life during the show, and, after the attack, Anna decides it’s safer to pack up and leave her country house. However Mathew has gotten to the house first, and kills both the security guard and Fiona. He doesn’t want to harm Anna; he merely wants to look after her, and ensure no one will ever use her again. He wants the two of them to be together always.

Anna overpowers Mathew and, obviously having lost her mind, wants him to suffer. She is drinking heavily and taunts him with erotic dances while he is restrained. When Mike appears, Anna decides she wants no one to interfere with her plans and shoots Mike dead.

Mathew is getting weak – he is dying from lack of food. Anna decides to take him back to the beach where they had their first kiss. She says she’ll never go back. The tide washes over them.

Director : Michael J. Murphy
Producer : Michael J. Murphy
Cast : Rob Bartlett, Debbi Stevens, Phillip Lyndon, Patrick Oliver

Running Time : 90 minutes
Release : 1990



Copyright © 1990 by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.