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“The Truth About Juliet” is a comedy about the secrets people hide and the truths that they’re willing to live with. The story centers around four friends living in Los Angeles.

DOMINIC, a pompous agent, has designs on a more satisfying career and lifestyle, which do not necessarily include Juliet, his girlfriend of two years.

CHALOOTS, Dominic’s best friend since childhood, is a writer who’s just gotten his first paid writing job, for what turns out to be a glorified porno.

JULIET works in development, reading scripts for a studio. She’s in love with Dominic but tired of his unwillingness to commit. So, for the last month she’s been having an affair with JOHN.

JOHN, an acquaintance of Dominic’s and a good friend of Chaloots’, is the exact opposite of Dominic. He’ll occasionally work as a writer to make some money, but mostly he watches television and drinks.

When Chaloots discovers the truth about Juliet and John things start to get complicated. Now he has to decide if he should keep his mouth shut or tell his best friend what he knows.

Things get worse when Dominic gets hold of a script that John wrote. He passes it on to Juliet, who passes it on to her boss. Suddenly, the script is making waves in Hollywood and they’re all on their way, except Chaloots.

With Dominic, Juliet and John in bed together, Chaloots is more hesitant than ever, knowing that his honesty could now spoil relationships which are professional as well as personal.

After agonizing over what to do, Chaloots realizes that he has to make a decision and do what he feels is right. He finds
that most people are more flexible than he is when it comes to the truth, especially when the truth isn’t what they want to hear.

Director : Sean McGinly
Producer : Sean McGinly, Tripp Reed
Cast : Karl Weidergott, Xander Berkeley, Spencer Garrett, Michael Marich , Samantha Smith

Running Time : 90 minutes
Release : 1997



Copyright © 1997 by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.