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The future … and the world’s population live out a carefully planned life designed for them by the strictly ordered society that governs the globe. Individuality is offensive – failure to conform in any way is treated as a crime, punishable by a term of rehabilitation at a “Modification Center”. Persistent offenders often fail to return to the society from which they’ve been snatched. These misfits are known as “Turkeys”.

After being rounded up from the streets by the menacing patrolling band of “Enforcers”, a group of Turkeys undergo the first stage of their re-education at one of the ominous Centers. The group includes Paul (STEVE RAILSBACK), an intelligent, resourceful youth whose non-conformist convictions have led to his arrest; Chris (OLIVIA HUSSEY), whose only offence was to disagree with her father over her job and Rita (LYNDA STONER) accused of being ‘streetwise’ – a whore.

During the Center’s ‘cleansing’ process they are collectively decontaminated, numbered and tranquilized in preparation for removal to their new home – a thinly disguised contemporary prison camp. Here electronic surveillance systems and sadistic, heavily armed guards, constantly monitor them, and their fellow inmates. There is little chance of escape and those who try are always caught and tortured by malevolent guards as a gruesome lesson to the other inmates.

Thatcher (MICHAEL CRAIG) the Camp Master, is a man of ruthless ambition; determined to impress his superior and visiting VIP’s with his regime built on fear, degradation and human suffering. His ultimate atrocity is the “Turkey Shoot” – a manhunt in which his wealthy and influential friends find sport in tracking down and killing their pre-selected targets.

The unarmed Turkeys are set free to flee through the dense jungle surrounding the encampment in a flight that will end in death or freedom. The odds are stacked against them, the hunt is on, and man is the deadliest prey of all.

Cast : Steve Railsback, Olivia Hussey,
Michael Craig, Noel Ferrier, Carmen Duncan, Roger Ward, Lynda Stoner.

Music: Brian May
Producer : Antony I. Ginnane and William Fayman
Director : Brian Trenchard-Smith

Running Time : 91 minutes
Release : 1981



Copyright ©1981 by IFD FILMS ARTS & SERVICES LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.