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Ninja, the Violent Sorceror B

With the help of an evil Taoist sorcerer, Steven Baker sends his rival, Myer, to an early grave. But, the battle's not over. Myer's wife re-turns from the other world, hungry for vengeance. She and a great Taoist lead-er, teach Myer's brother the unconquerable skill of martial arts. But Baker, meanwhile, has enlisted the protection of a powerful and lethal Vampire. It's ghosts and warriors versus vampires and sorcerers in an astonishing deadly duel for survival.

Cast: Chiang Tao, Lu Feng, Suen Kwok-Ming, Mark Long Kuan-Wu, Peter Chang Chi-Long, Chin Shih-Erh, Tsung Hua, Ling Yun, Chen Hung-Lieh, Angela Mao Ying

Director : Bruce Lambert

Screenplay: Sally Nicholls

Action Director: Lu Feng.

Producer: TOMAS TANG

Associate Producer: DALLIE. YEUNG

Format: Color, 35mm,
Languages: English
Feature Length: 88 minutes



Copyright © 1987 by FILMARK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.