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Luke Evans had everything…A highly successful & lucrative business, extravagant cars and houses, a lifestyle to die for and the girl of his dreams. But in one tragic night Luke lost everything.

Having been brutally attacked in a random act of animalistic violence, Luke wakes from a coma to discover that his fiancée has been murdered and that he himself has been bashed within an inch of his own life.

After losing his beautiful fiancée, Luke finds himself unable to deal with the seething, poisonous rage that runs through his veins. Fuelled by a pure primal rage, and his disillusion in the police who are unable to find any leads in his case, Luke pledges to use every last financial resource he has to bankroll his lust for vengeance.

Due to his injuries sustained, Luke has very little recollection of who his attackers are or what they even look like.

Training in the deadliest of underground hand to hand combat skills, Luke embarks on aggressively cleaning up the streets one scumbag at a time. The only justice he can seem to find is with his fists. But this does nothing to heal his wounds and with rage consuming him, Luke finds himself in danger of becoming that which he is fighting against.

When the local Police and an underworld crime boss called Milo Devro separately decide to intensify their efforts in hunting him down, Luke must find a way to control his inner rage before its darkness destroys him.

As Luke descends further into darkness and obsession, he also soon learns that Pauline (a young detective he has not long started dating) has just been appointed to head the special police task force tracking him down.

After tirelessly searching for his attackers, Luke eventually discovers that it was Milo’s untouchable son Alex and his henchmen who were the perpetrators of his life destroying attack. Alex’s father’s power and position make Alex almost untouchable by both the law and the criminals.

After a heart stopping ride of murder and betrayal, Luke finally finds himself face to face with Alex in a fight to the death that can only leave one survivor.


Cast : Robert Diaz, Margot Robbie, Kazuya Wright, Lexie Symon

Producer : Robert Diaz
Director : Aash Aaron

Running Time : 95 minutes
Release : 2008



Copyright © 2008 by IFD FILM ARTS & SERVICES LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.