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RWrYYf (1)

Two sons of the head of gangsters and an expertise Kung Fu master, comes to Canton and kills Yu-Sing. In this incident, Yu’s one son, Yu-Yung loses his eye-sight and his brother, Yu-Ho becomes dumb. They have to be trained in special cripple-Kung Fu The two sons leave Canton to Fuchow to take revenge on the gangsters. On the way Yu-Yung meets Chin-Ha, a young girl who is also going to Canton to revenge her father who was killed by the gangsters. They destroy the gangsters one by one with help of Ching-Ha. Finally the two brothers confront the head, Chang-Kok and engage in one of the biggest fights in history. In the first stage, they are in big trouble but Ching-Ha shows up ad they win the fight in dramatic action.

Cast: Casanova Wong,Tony Kwok, Billy Yuen
Kim Ji Ju, Yun In Ha,

Producer: Joseph lai
Executive Producer: George Lai
Director of Photography: Jaong Il Man
Action Sequences Designer: Ka Sa Fa
Director: Kim Jung Yung

Format: Color, 35mm, 2.39:1
Languages: English, Korean
Feature Length: 90 minutes



Copyright © MCMLXXXII (1982) by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.