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Johnny Quinn, an American undercover agent in the Philippines, has been pursuing Korda, a drug dealer, for months in an attempt to gather sufficient evidence to convict him.

Johnny’s partner, Tom, is captured by Korda and killed when Johnny tries to rescue him.

Narrowly escaping, Johnny flees back to the U.S. airbase where his superiors attempt to arrest him. Hoodwinked by Korda, they believe that Johnny is on the take and that he betrayed his partner to Korda’s gang.

Making a second escape Johnny finds himself on the run from both sides and encounters an additional threat in the shape of Nicki, the daughter of his murdered partner, who also believes he was responsible for her father’s death.

She tries to kill Johnny but is persuaded of his innocence and agrees to help him avenge Tom’s death.

Enlisting the help of Wizard, Johnny and Nicki gather sufficient information to implicate Johnny’s bosses.

They then mount a daring raid on Korda’s base and in an exciting climax, wipe out Korda and his entire gang and expose vast layers of corruption.

The heroin ring is smashed. Tom’s death avenged and Johnny and Nicki discover a new life together.

Cast : Sam Jones, Kimberly Pistone, Tim Huges, Raul Aragon, Jaime Fabregas, Vic Diaz,
Ken Metcalfe, Tsing Tong Tsai.

Producer : Lupe V. Juban, Marilyn G. Ong,
Antony Ginnane
Director : Eddie Romero

Running Time : 90 minutes
Release : 1988



Copyright © 1988 by IFD FILM ARTS & SERVICES LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.