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Angel of Fire

Lyon and Sean are buddies who are released from prison, Lyon goes back to his family and avoids trouble, while Sean goes back to his Yakuza family and causes trouble. Lyon’s blood brother’s wife is in debt with local shylocks after they had schemEd her into becoming a gambling addict. Sean comes to his aid […]

Street Fighters Two

“A vagabond, LEE is employed by Chen’s Recreation Firm, LEE falls in love with Chen’s daughter. The opponent of Chen’s firm wants to murder Chen for taking his money away. LEE and his wife fight for Justice and truth though a series of action encounters. It’s full of excitement and emotional appeal.” Cast: LEE XIAO […]

Cold-blooded Man

Min-young and Seong-il are best friends. When his grandmother falls ill, Min-young agrees to relay a bag for Sung-il who is involved with the mob. But Seong-il disappears and Min-young receives threats from different organizations. He finds out the bag was full of drugs and Min-young refuses to turn it over. When Min-young is caught, […]

The Wrong Steps

AH-Long came up Taipei from the south in order to look for a good job that he ha dreamt for a long time. When stepped out Taipei Station, suddenly he was at a loss about where to go. The crowd were coming and going hurryingly not even raised their head and took a look. He […]

Running on Empty

Mike is a young man who is a budding street racer, and owner of a Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III. His best mate and mechanic, Tony, are both steel workers by day, but when they aren’t working, they are racing. Director: John Clark Producer: Pom Oliver Cast: Terry Serio, Deborah Conway, Max Cullen. Format: Color, […]

Metal Skin

From The Director of “Romper Stomper” Psycho Joe, a petrol-head from Altona, Melbourne, secures employment at a local Supermarket. Here, he meets the over-sexed Dazey. Joe and Dazey form a friendship based on a mutual interest in old hot cars. Joe also forms a relationship with a Satanic fellow employee. The nihilism of these young […]

Fishing Adventure

Alfred serves 5 years in prison for the murder of Donald’s brother and on his release returns to his old haunts. He finds his former fiancée, Sylvia, is new married to Donald who has built up a pathological hatred for Alfred. Alfred and Sylvia still love each other but everything conspires against their love being […]

Vortex of Passion

When Emily’s best friend moves in she catches the eye of her high flying advertising executive husband and launches a whole new set of problems on their already strained relationship. Starring : Emily Chang Ying-Chen, Ho Lai-Lai, Lung Tien-Hsiang, Shi Liang-Kei, Gai Ming Screenplay: Chin Sheng-En Producer: Chin Lung Director: Chiang Tai Language: Mandarin Running […]

High Noon Passion

If you’re his enemy , you’re as good as dead. YEE, a swindler lives from town to town. One day, arriving at his uncle’s door, Yee finds the door is closed on him. However, Yee takes off with the ancestor’s tablet leaving his gun behind. In anger, his uncle grabs the gun as he chases […]

Whirlpool Instinct

A young fisherman fall in love a with a shallow water pearl diver much to the annoyance of her father who insists that the love affair must come to an end. The two lovers decide to elope and live the rest of lives together far away from the fishing village.  The girls father who has […]