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Young Big Boss

Two young boys from mainland China climb aboard a makeshift raft and head out to explore the big wide world They end up getting shipwrecked on a deserted beach in Taiwan. he boys find refuge in a holiday camp for kids where they befriend a Japanese girl, Nishio and an american lad. The four kids […]

Little Kickboxer

Hyuk-jin is a model student in the 6th grade that is tormented by his physically superior peers. He sees Chloe-ho fight a bunch of hoodlums and is moved to learn Taekwondo. His mother is shocked to learn about Hyuk-jin’s determination to learn the sport that killed his father and who died in a tournament. But […]

Thunder Of Gigantic Serpent

What would you do if you were a 300 foot long serpent and someone threatened your only friend? For the Mosler the only answer is KILL. A power hungry gangster tries to steal a secret formula which can stimulate plants and animals to grow up to 300 times their normal size. But when the raid […]

Thunder Kids 2– Wonderful Mission

For years the statue has been missing, now it’s back with a vengeance. What is the secret of the sacred statue? People are dying to find out! After the sacred Buha statue goes missing the Capa Ninja clan must enlist the help of the Thunder Kids to recover it before the Black Ninjas and the […]

Thunder Kids – Golden Adventure

The race for a treasure becomes and incredible free-for-all! The search for a priceless golden statue draws four groups of people together in an incredible and hilarious race against Ninjas to claim the treasure. Cast : Kim Won Jin, Mike Abbott, Wayne Archer, Ken Goodman Action Director: Kim Won Jin, Richard Ko Producer : Joseph Lai […]

Cunning Kids

The Kung fu Kids are back and this time they are protecting the poor and needy against some greedy gangsters. Using the Numerous Boxing technique of legendary Li Tieh Sheng they run rings around the enemy, until tricked into causing mischief, forcing the original kung fu master has to come to the rescue. Starring: HUANG […]