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5 Pattern Dragon Claws

The Silver Fox battles untold men with his deadly Thunder Foot technique and rules supreme in the martial arts, until a young fighter develops the Lightning Mantis Strike. Cast: Hwang Jang Lee, Dragon Lee, Seo Jeong-Ah Producer: Tomas Tang Director: Kim Si-hyun Format: Color, 35mm Languages: English, Mandarin, French, Korean Feature Length: 90 minutes   […]

I’ll Make it Big, Don’t Stop Me.

Professional layabout Panna is down on his luck nothing is going right for him, all he’s got going for him are his fast fists and furious feet. One day while roaming the streets he saves a rich kid from some muggers, the two strike up a friendship. Panna soon learns that the kids father is […]

Diamond on Fire

Two brothers in arms separated during armed forces combat face one another years later but on opposite sides of the law , is their friendship stronger than their loyalty? Stunts galore, from the team that brought you Ong bak! Director : Prapon Petchinn Producer : Wisit Chawanaroj Cast : Yuranan Phamonmontri, Ron Banchongsang, Panna Ritthikrai, […]

Desperate Desperados

He’s just one desperate desperado! After completing a secret mission for the hoodlum Black Beard, Benny, the killer, is hunted down so that the nature of his mission remains untold. Benny escapes and avenges the threat by killing Black Beard with the help of Scorpion. They obtain the plates to forge American dollar notes but […]

Who Knows About Me

  An ex-convict, Sung, is determined to go straight rather than fall back into the clutches of leading gang boss Lo. Hunted by the gang, who are trying to recover some incriminating photos, Sung seeks the help of an ex-model and a fighter so as expose the gang boss and his nefarious activities. Starring: JULIET […]

The Daredevil

Feng Wu-hsiung, recently freed from the jail, he decided to begin his new life. He is enthusiastic, firm and righteous. These good personalities can never be changed. He works hard in a sand and gravel plant. He lives a peaceful living, sometimes romantic. One day, when he was driving his truck he heard a crying […]

Cold-blooded Man

Min-young and Seong-il are best friends. When his grandmother falls ill, Min-young agrees to relay a bag for Sung-il who is involved with the mob. But Seong-il disappears and Min-young receives threats from different organizations. He finds out the bag was full of drugs and Min-young refuses to turn it over. When Min-young is caught, […]

The Wrong Steps

AH-Long came up Taipei from the south in order to look for a good job that he ha dreamt for a long time. When stepped out Taipei Station, suddenly he was at a loss about where to go. The crowd were coming and going hurryingly not even raised their head and took a look. He […]

Golden Showdown

TRAILER   Starring: SOMBAT METANEE, KRUNG SRUVILAI, ARANYA NAMWONG, PIPOP POPINYO, NANCY YEN Producers: JOSEPH LAI, BETTY CHAN Associate Producer: YAN WU TUNG Production Manager: KENT HUNG Director of Photography: CHAROON WATTANASIN Action Sequences Designer: SOMBAT METANEE Screenplay :  PRASA SOMCHAI Director:  BO CURTIS Format: Color, 35mm, 1:1.85 Languages: English Feature Length: 90 minutes Small […]

Running on Empty

Mike is a young man who is a budding street racer, and owner of a Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III. His best mate and mechanic, Tony, are both steel workers by day, but when they aren’t working, they are racing. Director: John Clark Producer: Pom Oliver Cast: Terry Serio, Deborah Conway, Max Cullen. Format: Color, […]