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Off The Vine

Off the Vine talks to experts in the Australian wine industry each week discussing reds, whites and everything in between. Find out more about how your favorite vintage is produced while getting a real behind the scenes look at the people involved in all aspects of the wine industry. Each episode also contains modern mouth […]

Brothers Lost- Stories of 9/11

This event documentary, produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Sean McGinly examines the grief, hope and emotions of 31 men who lost brothers in the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001. The inspiration for the program came from the fact that Sean lost one of his own brothers, Mark, in the World […]

Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery of Kung-Fu

Wu-Tang minus The Rza talk about their love for Kung-Fu flicks and how they relate to them. The significance of chess in their lives and how they infused the philosophies of both into their rap music Director : Toby Russell Produced :Toby Russell & Laurence Ronson Featuring : Wu Tang Clan Running Time : 63 […]

Jet Li – Li-Thal Weapon

Rare documentary with Jet Li packed with candid interviews, clips and rare behind the scenes footage- Jet tells of his early years in the Beijing Wu Shu school right through to his days as Hong Kong’s top martial arts star. Director : Toby Russell Written & Produced :Toby Russell Featuring : Jet Li, Vincent Zho, […]

Cinema Of Vengeance

“Cinema of Vengeance” is an in-depth documentary of the Hong Kong film action industry. Covering broad eras from the early black & white Chinese adventure pictures, to the first real kung fu films:, the golden days of the Shaw Bros. and Golden Harvest studios, the heyday of Bruce Lee, the gangster-influenced era, and finishing out […]

Top Fighter 2 – Deadly China Dolls

Women too can fight! The sequel of “Top Fighter” focuses in the importance of the women in the martial-arts movies, from her first characters as “hero’s girl” until becoming superstars by themselves. A voyage by the times and the most famous beauty fighters from this genre: Angela Mao, Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock and much more. […]

Top Fighter

Top Fighter is an in-depth action packed film; with the superstars of martial combat. For the first time, the best of the best, clashes in an arena where he can show his artistry. Using spectacular action footage and exclusive interviews, Top Fighter exposes the secrets of Bruce Lee’s, jeet kune do. Jackie Chan explains the […]

Tupac Shakur: Thug Immortal

I am the future of black America. “Can’t nobody steal my shine”- Tupac Shakur in his last interview, one of the many exclusive pieces of footage featured in “Thug Immortal”. From his early appearances on record with Digital Underground to his popular and influential solo albums, Tupac Shakur was a rap phenomenon, and one of […]

Bruce Lee: Death by Misadventure

Considered the best documentary ever made about the legendary martial artist. The truth behind the mysterious death of Bruce Lee is exposed in this documentary that includes accounts by people who were present at the time of Lee’s premature death. The film features the most ever-before-seen exclusive footage of Bruce Lee. Directors : Toby Russell […]