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Ghost Rapist

Born a Ninja, die a Ninja! A century old feud between the Black Ninja Clan and the Diamond Ninja Empire is on the brink of erupting once again with the discovery of the ancient tomb of the Ninja warriors. Black Ninja descendant, Cogan is determined to defeat the Diamond Ninjas once and for all, but […]

Vampire and The E.T. kid

A UFO lands in Taipei in the dead of night the strange forces that it brings awaken a group of buried Vampires. One of the younger vampires gets separated from the group and strikes up a friendship with a mysterious little girl who possesses special powers, the two kids soon stumble upon a kidnap plot […]

Crocodile Fury

The story of man’s obsessional lust for wealth and power. A bloodstone representing the Imperial power of the Khmer dynasty, must be returned to its rightful owner, a Cambodian Princess. Gibbs, racketeer, and the Head of the Vietcong group determines to possess the treasure. Princess Yung seeks help from Roger and May. two remarkable agents. […]

Vampire Strike (Ninja, the Violent Sorceror)

With the help of an evil Taoist sorcerer, Steven Baker sends his rival, Myer, to an early grave. But, the battle’s not over. Myer’s wife re-turns from the other world, hungry for vengeance. She and a great Taoist lead-er, teach Myer’s brother the unconquerable skill of martial arts. But Baker, meanwhile, has enlisted the protection […]

Scorpion Thunderbolt

An evil witch seeks a magic ring which is currently in the possession of a mustachioed disciple of black magic. Meanwhile a snake monster terrorizes the city of Hong Kong. Cast : Richard Harrison, Bernard Tsui, Juliet Chan, Philip Ko, Moon Tai-Sun, Guk Jeong Suk Director : Godfrey Ho & Gang Beom-Gu Associate producer: Joseph […]

Vampire Raiders Ninja Queen

The fate of the entire hotel industry is at stake. A group of evil black ninjas have threatened to insinuate themselves into the industry, take over, and transform the operation into something unspeakable. Director : Bruce Lambert Associate producer: Dallie Yeung Producer : Tomas Tang Cast : Nick Masters, Debbie Grant, Agnes Chan, Louis Roth, […]

Robo Vampire

Narcotics agent Tom Wilde is given a second chance at life after being shot and killed. In a futuristic experiment, agent Wilde is returned to life as an Android Robot and he is sent on a very dangerous mission. Director :Joe Livingstone Associate producer: Dallie Yeung Producer : Tomas Tang Cast : Robin Mackay, Nian […]


Kate, (Chantal Contouri) a career girl with a steady boyfriend Derek (Rod Mullinar), is tracked down by the secret society members known as “The Brotherhood”. They are in fact a society of vampires who believe that Kate as being descended from an illustrious, aristocratic, Austrian vampire family of the 18th century. Kate is kidnapped by […]

21 Eyes

21 Hidden Cameras. 3 Dead Gunmen. 1 Inside Man. 6 Suspects. Can You Solve It? The viewer becomes the eyes of two detectives as they unravel a mystery on a video screen, watching tapes from twenty-one hidden cameras which have captured a crime in progress. Three gunmen break into the home of gem dealer Seth […]

The Obsessed

After 2 years from the wife’s death, Se-Hyeong visiting his friend’s photo exhibition meets Hyeon-Ae, Cheon-Il’s sister and marries her. After that, his house is swarming with rats and a strange noise continues. Hyeon-Ae has symptoms of somnambulism and her condition grows worse. After Cheon-Il studies psychics, he visits the grave of Se-Hyeong’s ex-wife. But […]